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Using Keepass 2.25 with OSX Mavericks

UPDATE [APR 24,14] - This is currently deprecated for me running the latest 10.9.2 version of OSX on my Haswell Macbook Pro 13”. I have switched to using KeepassX with Keyboard Maestro for the time being.   


Years ago, I began using keepass to create and store all of my passwords. Keepass won my heart because it was cross platform, free and open sourced.


     One of the first things I do with any computer or handheld that I will access the internet with is get keepass up and running.

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Developers! Developers! Developers!

     The economy still needs them, many earn their living as one, and many are hoping to one day be one. I guess I would consider myself the later. Me and about millions of others bursting at the seam to catch a break and begin working in the field of software development/programming.


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Dropbox to the Rescue!

Hey everyone, help me gain more space for use with my school homework and assignments! Also, Dropbox is now running a special promotions the “Great Space Race” so by creating a Dropbox account, not only do you get to enjoy life in the cloud, but you will be helping me gain free space AND even helping others who go to school with me at Pace University to earn more free storage on their own Dropbox accounts!

Click the photo-link below!! You know want to, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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Habitat for Humanity Annual Fall Dinner

If you are in the M-town area and want some good eats, The Habitat for Humanity’s Annual Fall Dinner will be held on Thursday, October, 25, at the United Presbyterian Church of Middletown. Serving starts at 6 PM. Cost to adults is $13, children ages 6 to 12 is $6, children under age 6 are free. Dinner is prepared by the Ward’s Bridge Inn of Montgomery and baskets will be raffled. 

Come show support, every dollar they raise will go towards improving M-town, building a better community one house, and one family at a time! :)

For more information, call 469-9191.


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Pace University App

Seems like all the tuition money has been put to some use this year! Pace University has launched its own app! The really good news about this is that Pace has ponied up the money for all students to use Blackboard services from a mobile device so now you don’t have to be on Sprint and it costs you nothing to use! If you search your mobile marketplace of choice you will be able to get the Pace University App, or just get the Blackboard App itself! Long overdue and I will be using this a lot in the future… one step closer to replacing my laptop with my phone entirely!

Check it out: